The Citizen Armory

The Citizen Armory was created to serve the needs of firearms owners for safe and secure storage of their firearms. The Citizen Armory does not sell guns, but was designed from the ground up as a secure storage service and is owned and operated by legal professionals and retired law enforcement officers.

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Secure Firearms Storage

    • Firearms stored in secure facility with alarms and CCTV monitoring.
    • Courier pick-up available in the Denver-Metro area.
    • Firearm shipping services.
    • Owned and operated by legal professionals and retired law enforcement officers.



Full Service Law Firm

The Citizen Armory was founded and is partly owned by The Law Center P.C. If you are in need of legal representation of any kind including: criminal defense, protection order defense, divorce, gun trusts, constitutional protection, or estate planning please contact The Law Center, P.C.


TLC attorneys have been repeatedly recognized for the results they obtain for their clients. Don’t be fooled by purchased endorsements describing lawyers as AV rated or super lawyers, instead rely on your neighbors and friends who will tell you the that the lawyers of The Law Center P.C. are a different breed of attorney—capable, intelligent, intuitive, influential, efficient, and effective.

Additional Services

    • Courier pickup of firearms in the Denver Metropolitan area available.
    • Shipping is available from remote areas of the state.
    • Stored firearms may remain with The Citizen Armory, or transferred to a 3rd party following a CBI firearms Instacheck firearms background check.
    • All packing materials are provided by The Citizen Armory including polyethylene pouches and wrap to protect stored firearms from getting scratched. All boxes are packed with desiccant to protect against moisture and resulting corrosion or rust.
    • Firearms are sealed in corrugated boxes with serialized tamper proof tape to assure no one tampers with (or uses) the firearms while stored.
    • The Citizen Armory accepts handguns as well as long rifles and shotguns.
    • The Citizen Armory also provides private firearms storage unrelated to court proceedings.
    • The Citizen Armory will also process private handgun transfers (required by state law for virtually all private firearms transfers to unrelated parties).

The Citizen Armory is a Federal Firearms Licensee with which Respondents/Defendants may relinquish their weapons in compliance with SB 13-197 as it amended C.R.S. §13-14-102(22)(b)(III)(A), C.R.S. §18-1-1001(9)(b)(I), C.R.S. §18-6-801(8)(b)(I), and C.R.S. §13-14-105.5(2)(c)(I). Please read our Legal Notice.